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Live a Joyful Life: A Weekly Nature-Based Women's Therapy Group, in partnership with The Women's Wilderness Institute

Coming Spring, 2017...  

We all yearn to live lives of connection, meaning, and joy.

But so much can get in the way of this goal. From an early age, we learn that something is wrong with us: we’re too big or too skinny, too smart or not smart enough, too dark-skinned or too LGTBQ, too emotional or too female.  Is it any surprise, then, that so many of us suffer from depression, anxiety, ruthless self-criticism, disempowerment, trauma?

These challenges are interrelated. As we develop strategies to survive in an unhealthy world, we lose connection with our true nature. In this 8-week therapy group, you’ll partner with nature, the world’s most powerful therapist, to work through obstacles and rediscover who you truly are.

Who: This group is for women of all backgrounds, ages (20s-70s), races, sexual orientations and gender expressions, who notice they feel good when they spend time in nature, and want to work through obstacles in order to live purposeful, meaningful, joyful, lives. Participants should be comfortable with light walking on and off-trail.

What: A weekly nature-based therapy group.  

Where: Each week, we will meet at a trailhead and walk together to a location off-trail. (In inclement weather, we will meet indoors.)

When: Coming Spring, 2017. If you want to be the first in the know, sign up for my e-newsletter, and drop me a line and I'll put you on the list and notify you personally. If you are looking for group support sooner,  I facilitate an ongoing Tuesday night group that incorporates nature as weather and light conditions allow. You can find more information about that group here.    

Why Nature? Why A Group? In this day and age, most of us are suffering from "nature deficit disorder." Perhaps in our best weeks, we get outside multiple times to exercise. But this pales in comparison to the ways our ancestors connected with nature. In addition, most of our lifestyles have become sedentary, and real, authentic community can be hard to find in the modern world. We know these things this deep down, and now the research is confirming it. Study after study show that nature and meaningful social engagement provide powerful relief from depression, anxiety, and one's ability to love and accept oneself. 

Testimonials (for more, click here): 

“I really appreciated Kris’ soft-spoken approach and depth of knowledge. Each week, I looked forward to her teachings and leadership.” 

“Kris’ work is unique in how she works with nature to promote inner freedom.” 

“After working with three different therapists over the last few years, I finally found Kris. With Kris, I was able to completely open up and still feel safe. Kris seems to have this incredible intuition and an ability to understand my feelings and thought patterns. She knew when to let me talk and when it was time to discuss solutions. What Kris taught me will stay me forever and will help me through all of life’s ups and downs in the future.” 
–Linda G., 61

“I think that a good therapist simply empowers their clients to develop the tools and ability to deal with challenging issues/situations. With Kris’ help, I’m being reconnected to the part of me that can take care of myself. The part of me that is suffering and the part of me that is the healer have finally met again and are engaging with each other, after such long time. It’s amazing. I’m feeling more alive and inspired, and am truly starting to take care of all of me.” –I. O., 29.

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