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What is Nature-Based Psychotherapy, or Ecotherapy? 

Nature-based psychotherapy, or "ecotherapy," is an increasingly popular therapeutic modality. At it's simplest, nature-based psychotherapy can look like a traditional therapy session that takes place in a natural setting. Clients report that it's easier to work through challenging issues while outside - that they feel more supportive, expansive, lighter, and even joyful while they do so. Over and over again, I am amazed at how many kinds of people, from so many different backgrounds, tell me that they look forward to our nature-based therapy sessions -- and that they have fun while doing some of their deepest work.  

For clients who wish to take a deeper dive, we can more consciously incorporate nature into our work together. It is my belief that nature supports us to cultivate our awareness of who we are at the deepest, most authentic levels, and supports powerful experiences of belonging, love, and support. Wandering in nature, noticing the things we have in common with nature, reflecting on the fact that we are nature, asking questions about our life in and of nature, finding a natural object or being that symbolizes some part of oneself - these are just a few examples of how nature can support self-discovery and transformation. 

For those who wish to take the deepest dive of all, we can arrange for a multi-day intensives in the wilderness. The possibilities are as endless as is the diversity of nature itself.

Why Nature-Based Psychotherapy? 

Why not?! It's fun, freeing, beautiful, and joyful! If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle, it can help to get you moving. In addition, scientific evidence that demonstrates the healing power of nature continues to grow. For example, recent studies show that spending time in green spaces decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, negative body-image, and increases happiness, sense of vitality, possibility, self-image, creative thinking, and so much more. 

For more on how nature heals, try this video:

Who Benefits Most from Nature-Based Psychotherapy? 

Here are the people who, in my experience, benefit the most from nature-based psychotherapy:

  1. Nature-lovers;
  2. People who feel more alive and in touch with who they really are, when they spend time in nature;
  3. People who cringe at the idea of sitting in an office with a therapist; 
  4. People who have a hard time accessing their emotions and/or sharing them; 
  5. People who struggle with depression, anxiety, negative body image, and lack of self-esteem;
  6. People who love to move their bodies, but don't get enough movement in their daily lives;
  7. People who sense some kind of spiritual connection with nature, and/or who feel closer to their spirituality/God/the divine when in nature.

If you're interested in nature-based psychotherapy and you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact me to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. You may call me at (303) 518-3755, email me at kris@cedartreehealing.org, or send me a message via the form below. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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