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Helping people live lives of meaning, connection and joy through psychotherapy and shamanic healing.



"After working with three different therapists over the last few years, I finally found Kris Abrams. With Kris, I was able to completely open up and still feel safe. Kris has this incredible intuition and an ability to understand my feelings and thought patterns. She knows when to let me talk and when it was time to discuss solutions.

"What Kris taught me will stay with me forever and will help me through all of life's ups and downs in the future."

                                                                                         —Linda G., 61

“I really appreciate Kris’ “whole” or non-dualistic approach that encompasses mind, body and spirit. I also appreciate her acute ability to discern, her gentleness, and curiosity. She isn't too bound by what she learned in school -- she's able to adapt to what is arising and be truly present. These qualities set her apart as a therapist. Through my work with her, I feel more alive and inspired, and I'm being reconnected to the part of me that can take care of myself. 
"Lastly, I’m grateful that my international/non-western background did not create any barriers in communication or understanding. Kris approaches things from a “human experience” level and works very well with people from diverse backgrounds.”
                                                                                          —I.O., 29.

“Kris’ work is unique in how she works with nature to promote inner freedom.”

"Kris is the best therapist I've ever worked with. She will help you with exploration and discovery, leaving you with a more enlightened sense of peace and understanding of your true self."                                                                                                                                                                —Anna G., 49. 

Shamanic Journeying

“A friend recently gave me a shamanic session with Kris. I've never been so grateful for the timing and the pricelessness of this gift.

"Kris was compassionate, ego-less, neutral and supportive during the session. There was just the right balance of wise guidance, clarity and listening that created the conditions for change. It was a rare and special gift to work with someone of her caliber, integrity and thoroughness.  She is the real deal.

                                                                                 —Sarah Syverson, 41

"I feel so blessed to have found Kris. I consider the experience I had to be truly magical and life-changing. I've been telling lots of like-minded people about her. I just want everyone to have access to this gift."

                                                                                —Leslie Kelly, 44

“I was feeling blocked on my career, so I had a session with Kris. It was life-changing! It gave me permission to listen to my own insight and deepest intuition, opening a channel that I knew was there, but that had started to narrow and close. During the session, I felt so supported; Kris made it safe to be vulnerable. Afterwards, I was surprised at how other parts of my life shifted, too. For example, I’m able to be more open with my partner, come more from a place of love, compassion, and letting go of expectations. I strongly recommend working with Kris.”
                                                                                                           —Reji, 39

“My session with Kris was profoundly helpful. It provided me with tools to tap into a surprising and newfound sense of peace within my grieving for a loved one who has passed.

Kris was absolutely artful in balancing her role – being a knowledgeable, supportive and gentle guide while also allowing plenty of space for me to interact and experience directly. I have been both amazed and grateful to see how the effects of the session have continued.


“I asked to address my worries, so I was surprised when my Helper (Coyote) addressed an issue that at first didn't seem related: my relationship to masculinity and predatory energy. For all of my adult life, I have distanced myself from masculinity because of the way men in our society abuse power. But my Guide helped me to see that in doing so, I have also choked off tools that can help me to survive and thrive. He helped me to embrace gifts such as strength, present moment focus, and aggressively confronting problems head-on and conquering them. When I integrate these raw traits with my own capacity for compassion, they are helpful rather than hurtful. I thank Kris for holding the safe space to do this work and helping me to learn these liberating lessons from my Guide.”
                                                                                                     —Chris M., 61

“With Kris’ support, I have dealt with issues as deep and basic as self-integration and wholeness. I have also addressed more specific problems like learning how to discern what is helpful in my life versus what others think would be helpful. And Kris has even helped me address numerous end-of-life issues including the nature of life itself. Every minute of my time with her is purposeful, relaxing, honest, and liberating. Every time, something new emerges and gets handled in a way that makes immediate and lasting difference.”

                                               —Gretchen Ferazza, 53, living with cancer

“Kris has opened so many pathways to new information. I have gently released painful, dark weights that I was carrying without knowing about them. My Guides and Kris' Guides offer me the gift of discovery... what is burdensome, what is available, what is possible, what is joyful. I am grateful for the Journeys and immense changes in my life.”
                                                                                —Mary Zinn, 70

"I was initially wary of engaging in shamanic work: I feared it would be shallow and hokey, or, worse yet, that it involve someone imitating ancient, sacred practices from another culture. Kris Abrams is neither of these. Her journey work is sacred and authentic in our modern Western context and it provides deeply individualized guidance, care, and connection. I received specific, meaningful guidance and tools in the journey and the energy and healing from the journey has continued to resonate and create lasting shifts in my life."

                                                                                             —C.M., age 43

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