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Helping people live lives of meaning, connection and joy through psychotherapy and shamanic healing.

Shamanic Mentorship

Learning directly from Spirit Helpers and Nature is deeply fulfilling, and can change your life. As a mentor, I support you to connect directly with your Spirit Helpers, and to develop and deepen your own unique spiritual relationship with Nature. I encourage you to trust your own experience and inner voice first and foremost.

Shamanic Journeying as a Spiritual Practice

In this training, you form a direct relationship with your Spirit Helpers and develop the skills you need to request their help and receive support. Each person’s process is different, so I provide individualized mentorship for people who wish to learn how to Journey.

Introductory Shamanic Journey & Ongoing Mentorship

If you're a beginner, you'll start with an Introductory Shamanic Journey. These are $135. For face-to-face sessions, I accept cash or check. If you prefer to meet by phone, I will send you a link that will allow you to pay by credit card.

To sign up for a free phone consultation and to schedule your first session, contact me.

Once you have completed your introductory session, you may advance to Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and other intensive work (see below), or you may opt to continue with Ongoing Mentorship individual sessions, which are $120 each. 

A Deeper Dive: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying (4 weeks) (in person and/or by phone)

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is a four-week series of weekly, one-hour sessions. Once you have completed an introductory session with me, you may sign up for this series. In these personalized sessions, you will learn how to Journey on your own and make direct contact with your Spirit Helper(s). You may choose to do this series in person or via telephone. The cost of this series is $420 (savings of $60). To sign up for this training and schedule your sessions, contact me.

Once you have completed this intensive, you may elect to continue with intensive work or with ongoing mentorship (individual sessions). 

Shamanic Journeying Intensive Package - 3 Sessions per month for 3 months

Once you have completed your first shamanic Journey with me, you may wish to engage in longer term regular work and/or intensive work. This is a wonderful way to hone your Journeying skills and become deeply grounded in shamanic Journeying as a personal spiritual practice and regular source of wisdom in your life. To make this financially accessible, I offer this package of three weekly sessions for three months for $900 (savings of $180). Once you purchase your package, please schedule your nine sessions with me.

Once you have completed this intensive, you may elect to continue with intensive work or with ongoing mentorship (individual sessions). 

Experiments in Joy:
Exploring your spiritual relationship with Nature

Do you love spending time in the natural world? If so, you’ve probably felt a spiritual connection with it. Perhaps you feel closer to a Higher Power when you’re in the wilderness. Or maybe you’ve had a particular experience of deep connection and revelation with a presence in Nature, like a tree or a flower, or the larger spirit of Nature.

It is my belief that these experiences are invitations to deepen your relationship to Nature. But it can be hard to take the next step, as our culture has lost the knowledge of how to do this, and there are so few models. If you’d like to learn how to connect with Nature more intentionally and explore Nature as a Spiritual Path, this training is for you.

I offer this training in two formats: individual, and group. For information on the individual training, see below. The next group training is full.

Experiments in Joy: Exploring your spiritual relationship with Nature (4 weeks, in person or by phone)

Over a four-week series of personalized, weekly, 1-hour sessions, you’ll learn how to deepen your spiritual relationship with Nature. If you are able to complete this training in person, sessions may occur indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. If you elect to do the training by phone, we will work out a plan that works for you.

Topics will be determined by your interest and needs. They may include:

  • What it means to have a spiritual relationship with nature;
  • Observation and presence in nature;
  • Communicating with Natural elements such as trees, flowers, or rocks;
  • Communicating with the spirit of Nature (or Earth Mother); and
  • Integrating what you have learned into your everyday life.

The cost of this training is $420, and can be paid in full or in weekly installments. To sign up for this training, schedule your first session, or ask questions, contact me.

This training can also be provided to groups. Contact me for details on how to organize a group.

Ongoing Mentorship (in person and/or by phone)

Once you have taken the introductory Experiments in Joy training, you may choose to deepen your practice with ongoing mentorship and support. If you elect to meet weekly, I offer a discounted package of four sessions for $420. Alternatively, you can choose to meet less regularly; individual sessions are $120. These sessions take place in person in Boulder, or via telephone. To sign up for ongoing mentorship, schedule your first session, or ask questions, contact me.

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