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Helping people live lives of meaning, connection and joy through psychotherapy and shamanic healing.


Life is neither easy nor predictable. We love, and we experience loss. We’re healthy one day, and sick the next. We have a beautiful intention to do good, and discover that we’re causing harm.

When you feel like you’re spending too much time in the painful parts of life, psychotherapy can help you to get unstuck and discover, or rediscover, how to live a life of meaning and joy.

Note: If you are interested in nature-based psychotherapy, or ecotherapy, click here.

My therapeutic philosophies

1) Healing is holistic

We humans are such complex beings! Think of all the things that can impact how you’re doing on a given day:

  • Your thoughts;

  • Your feelings;
  • Your body;
  • Your relationships (intimate partners, friends, family, colleagues, etc.);
  • The work that you do in the world and your experience of meaning in your life;
  • Your spirituality;
  • The larger society;
  • How you relate to the natural world.

In my practice, you will find a safe space and effective tools that help you to address any or all of these facets of your experience. If talking works best for you, then we can talk through your challenges. But if you have found that, no matter how much insight you gain, talking isn't enough, then we will delve into experiential tools that will engage the rest of you: body, mind and spirit.

2) You have a wise, authentic self who is your best healer

Call it what you will: the wisest part of you, the most authentic you, your Soul-Spirit self. It is the part of you that you feel most at home with, that you can glimpse when you’re peaceful, alone, and not worrying about what anybody else thinks.

Most of us experienced this part of ourselves when we were kids, but then lost touch with it over time, as we strove to fit into a society that told us something was wrong with us.

It is my job as a therapist to support you to reclaim this part of yourself, and that this is crucial to your health and well-being.

3) Nature heals

Have you noticed that you tend to feel better when you spend time in nature? Isn’t it strange, then, that we assume healing works best within four walls?

Here are some of the benefits of doing psychotherapeutic work in nature:

  • Nature helps us to rediscover and connect with our most authentic self;
  • Nature can put our lives in perspective;
  • Nature helps us to feel connected to something larger than ourselves;
  • Nature models a more sane pace of life.

Working with nature in the service of healing is an ancient practice. But it is relatively new to the world of modern psychology. Currently, it goes by many names, including nature-based psychotherapy, wilderness therapy, ecotherapy, and Ecopsychology.

For people who feel called to do therapeutic work in or with the natural world, it can be as simple as conducting a therapy session on a trail or in a park. Or it can go deeper, as an individual seeks more active participation from nature in his or her healing.

For more about nature-based psychotherapy, click here

4) It is possible to live a joyful, meaningful life – even in the 21st century United States

I believe that our society is severely unhealthy. From an early age, we’re taught that something is wrong with us, that we need to buy a bunch of stuff (clothes, cosmetics, alcohol, drugs, etc.) to fix our flaws and make us feel better. Systemic sexism, racism, homophobia and so many more “isms” teach us to walk around feeling “less than.” We see violence condoned on a daily basis, and powerful forces are destroying the natural world as we know it.

It is no wonder that we feel confused, depressed, volatile, anxious, frustrated, lost! In fact: how could it be any other way? These feelings are crying for our attention, crying for us to wake up.

If we’re willing to take a risk, to listen to what our wisest selves are trying to tell us, each one of us can heal ourselves, live a more meaningful, balanced, and joyful life, and help to make the world a better place.

The Next Step

If you're interested in working with me, the next step is to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. In this conversation, we'll explore what you're wanting to work on in psychotherapy, and you can ask any questions that you might have. If we find that we're a good fit for each other, we'll discuss logistics and set up your first session. 

To schedule your free phone consultation, you may call me at (970) 403-5018, email me at kris@cedartreehealing.org, or send me a message via the form below. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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