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Helping people live lives of meaning, connection and joy through psychotherapy and shamanic healing.

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How to Live a Joyful Life: 5 Lessons from Shamanism

All of us are on a journey to discover how to live a joyful, meaningful life. But our culture teaches us to strive for all the wrong things. How do we shed this conditioning and do things differently?

In this piece I look at some of the shamanic lessons I've learned on my own path, as well as some of what I have witnessed others experience as I support them to walk theirs.

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Nature as a spiritual path: Six suggestions for deepening your spiritual relationship to Nature

Because our culture exerts tremendous pressure to prioritize the appearance of things rather than the spirit of things, we revert to exercising in nature, using it as a sort of a grand gym that happens to make us feel especially good. But there is so much more!

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